The Royal Wedding Guest List: Who Will Make the Cut?

Posted by Azure on March 29th, 2011
We've all heard about the 'A' and 'B' wedding guest list trick. If you're planning on a tight budget or struggling to find a venue that can hold all your guests, take a read on how to successfully execute the A/B wedding guest list.

I saw something about the royal wedding yesterday that made me laugh. 500 heads will roll off the guest list as the wedding progresses throughout the day. Yes, Prince William and Kate are making cuts! The first royal wedding event is a luncheon, and 600 people are invited. Next up, a dinner hosted by Prince Charles, and only 300 guests are on the list.

The final event, an intimate post-wedding soiree at an undisclosed location, will be super exclusive with only 100 wedding guests.

Kind of like Survivor, isn't it? The tribal council music is playing in my head...
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