Royal Wedding Update: Wedding Bands, Beauty Vendors, Famous Relatives

Posted by Azure on April 4th, 2011
With the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton less than a month away, royal wedding buzz has reached new heights! Here are a few juicy details that have just emerged:

No Wedding Band for Prince William: The double-ring ceremony (where the bride and groom exchange his and hers wedding bands) is a relatively new tradition. And Prince William is saying 'ditch it' rather than 'hitch it' to wearing a wedding ring after he takes the plunge. The future king is choosing family tradition over contemporary custom, as Prince Charles and Prince Philip opted for no rings after their royal weddings, too. Kate's wedding band, however, will pack enough punch for both the nearlyweds! Her wedding ring will be crafted using Welsh gold from a royal vault, gold that's been used in every royal wedding since 1923. Kate Middleton's Famous Yankee Relatives: It's tough to compete with Prince William's royal lineage. But it turns out, Kate Middleton's ancestry is pretty impressive as well! George Washington is her eight cousin, seven times removed, and Ellen DeGeneres is Kate's 14th cousin, twice removed. Francis Scott Key, who penned The Star-Spangled Banner, is also a relative of Middleton. Who knew?! Perfect Wedding Hair, All Day Long: Kate will spare no expense in making sure that her luscious brunette locks are perfectly coiffed throughout the royal wedding day. It's been reported that the Kate will have SIX hairstylists on-hand to keep her wedding hairstyle on-point. Are you still buzzing about the upcoming royal wedding? Or will you be relieved when the royal nuptials are over and done with? Post a comment to share your thoughts!
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