Wedding Etiquette Debate: Should Kim K return the gifts?

Posted by Azure on November 2nd, 2011


As you know, Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries is over, just 72 days after saying I Do.  What's crazy is that Kim filed divorce papers just 27 days after staging a vow renewal on the October 4th episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.




Now, do you remember all those extravagant items on Kim's wedding registry?  There was a $1,700 perfume bottle, a vase for nearly $8,000, and an $850 ashtray, just to give you an idea.  And hold onto your hats for this one... because the couple's registry at Geary of Beverly Hills alone added up to $172,000!


So what's a girl to do (with the gifts) when she decides to pull the plug on her marriage so soon after tying the knot?  Here's what etiquette expert, Lizzie Post, has to say...

1.  Polite protocol deems that if the marriage lasts less that six months, the wedding gifts should definitely be returned to the buyer.

2.  Gifts should be returned with a note saying something like, 'Thank you for your love and support, we have decided to end our marriage and we wanted to return this gift to you.'  The couple should also make sure that any store credits go back to the person who bought the present.


So what does Kim get to keep, etiquette-ly speaking?  How about that $2 million dollar engagement ring, plus any monogrammed or personally customized gifts, and gifts that have already been opened.  Not to shabby if you ask me!  But according to reports, Kim plans on keeping ALL her wedding gifts, and will make a "generous charitable contribution" instead.


How do you feel about Kim's decision to keep her wedding gifts?  And how do you think her wedding guests are feeling?


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