Pose to Perfection in wedding photos

Posted by Azure on July 27th, 2011

We all know the classic red carpet pose. Hand on hip, standing tall with one leg crossed in front of the other. Hips angled 45 degrees away from the camera, front foot pointed directly at the camera.



Hollywood has mastered the art of posing to look your best, and one of the most common questions we get from brides is, 'How can I look incredible in my wedding photos?'

So today we delve into this very important topic and share tips and tricks to help you look your bridal best! Practice the classic red carpet pose and remember to:

1. Put your weight on your back foot.

2. Keep the leg that's elongated in front of you slightly bent. Otherwise it'll look stiff and unnatural.

3. Keep shoulders back and stand up straight! Poor posture will do you no favors.


If you can master this pose, you'll shed 10 pounds right before your wedding photographer's eyes! Now that you look 10 pounds lighter, what else can you do to pose to perfection?

  • Elongate your neck to avoid the appearance of a double chin. When it's time to say cheese, move your head slightly forward and lift your chin up a bit. Or try this celebrity trick. Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, right behind your front teeth. Just remember to stay loose and relaxed!

  • Tone arms, instantly! There's a good chance your wedding dress is strapless and sleeveless, so you'll want your arms to look lean, toned and beautiful. If you're worried about a little underarm jiggle, the best way to camouflage this is to lift the arms out to the sides slightly, rather than keeping them close to your sides or clasped behind your back. You're now armed with the tools to rock your wedding photos! Keep these tips in mind when your wedding date arrives, but most of all... remember to smile, laugh and enjoy every moment!

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