A Sweet DIY Wedding Idea: Cupcake Stands

Posted by Azure on May 18th, 2009
Happy Monday Savvy Scoopers! If you’ve been following Savvy Scoop you know that serving cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake has become a hot trend.
A Sweet DIY Wedding Idea: Cupcake Stands

Love the daisies!
A lot of cupcake brides aren’t going with a traditional bakery, they’re having friends create the tasty tidbits. Here’s a question though, how are you going to display the wedding cupcakes? I mean, this isn’t 2nd grade, you can’t just have your mom bring them in a Tupperware! The simple, but still necessary answer: cupcake stands! Cupcaketree makes them in both square and round, a large stand can hold up to 300 cupcakes, a small one as few as 40 and still look great. As you can see, they can be decorated to put any wedding cake to shame, cupcaketree’s website even gives you tips. What’s more, the stands can be recycled.

So, which is it for you, cupcake or cake?
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