The Bespoke Bride: What’s A Bespoke Wedding All About

Posted by Azure on June 4th, 2009
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I am so thrilled to be guest writing for OneWed and hope that you’ll enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy reading the Savvvy Blog. As this is my first post, I thought I would share a wee bit more information about myself and and my wedding to give you a sense of where I’m coming from. I promise not to make a habit of talking about myself. Promise!

As someone who has a wedding blog and writes for two wedding websites, I find it amusing that I was never a gal who wanted to get married; I mean I’m all for monogamy but I just felt that marriage was “a piece of paper". And spending heaps of money on a wedding just seemed irrational. Well, not too long into my relationship with the BF I began to realize the value of marriage and why people got married. Still thought weddings were silly, enjoyed going to them, but having one? Bah! Unnecessary. Then, I got engaged. “Well, maybe a small intimate affair would be nice.” Famous. Last. Words.

I was an event planner for years so I am acutely aware of what goes into planning an event, but a wedding, I wasn’t as sure about. I knew there were so many things we didn’t want but when we pared it down, we were left with, well just a regular event. So in an effort to learn more about weddings, I begrudgingly started picking up wedding magazines, and by picking up I mean amassing a collection. And I started pouring over blogs, spending a shameless amount of time online. And I started engaging the BF in random conversations about the wedding. Like, we’d be in a grocery store and I would walk down the baking aisle and I’d blurt out something the likes of, “ I don’t want a cake.” He’d look at me perplexed before it dawned on him that I meant a wedding cake. Because why wouldn’t I be talking about the wedding while shopping for food?

One day as I was online choosing the colors for my new wedding blog, the BF comes in and looks at me in humored awe and says in his best female voice, “What happened to: “I don’t want to get married. I don’t want a wedding. Weddings are silly” ?”. After laughing at his lousy impression of me, I started defending myself, “ Well…um, ours isn’t a traditional wedding. It’s going to be a party! And I’m not spending THAT much time on it.”. When he left the room I sat there and asked myself those questions. As the clock turned to midnight, I looked at the mouse in my hand, the luxury wedding magazine in my lap and realized what it was. Somewhere along the line I stopped fighting the idea of having a wedding, and instead realized how to have our wedding. It’s not about not having or having something it’s about personalizing it. We could still call it a wedding when we had unassigned seating, invitations with block lettering and no bridal party. We could call it a wedding when our “favors” are photo strips and take-out boxes of chocolate. We didn’t have to play Wagner while I walked down the aisle to call it a ceremony. We could make the day what we want. So we have.

You really only get one chance to have a wedding so you might as well do it your way; be it modern or traditional, simple or extreme, garden party or Star Trek themed.

So now the gal who never wanted to get married or have a wedding? I still won’t be having a garter belt or flower toss, but I cannot wait to celebrate getting married.
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