The Man Registry: Tips for a Successful Backyard Wedding

Posted by Azure on October 7th, 2009
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I had the privilege of attending a good friend’s wedding over the weekend in Louisville, KY. The ceremony and reception were both held in the beautiful lakefront backyard of the bride’s parents. I have to say that it was one of the most memorable weddings I’ve attended. And yes, I took notes. Here are a few helpful reminders for making your backyard wedding one to remember. Prepare for weather

Have a backup plan for bad weather. A large living room or garage can be prepared as a “fallback” plan if there is rain or cold weather. Use common sense when scheduling the wedding. Obviously an outdoor wedding in January is not going to work (unless you live in sunny Southern California like me).

An outdoor wedding in the fall or spring is fine; just remember to rent space heaters. Mark certain rooms as private

Unless you’re using port-o-potties, you’re going to have to open the home up for bathroom use. You might even be using some indoor rooms for dining, cake cutting or toasting. Prepare for people wandering through your house by marking certain rooms as “private.” Parking issues?

If you don’t have a lot of room for parking at your home, consider using a nearby school or church for parking with shuttles running back and forth to the house. Just remember not to let the shuttle drivers have too much to drink at the wedding! Warn the Neighbors

Wedding receptions tend to produce a lot of noise (especially as the night goes on). If your neighbors aren’t attending the wedding, let them know this might be a good night to go out of town or at the very least be prepared for noise.

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