Bubbly Bride: Napkin Decor At Your Wedding Reception

Posted by Azure on November 2nd, 2009
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You will get asked a million questions about a hundred little details throughout your wedding planning process! Don't let these details stress you out, but don't throw them aside quite yet. Each detail will add a bit more character and 'wow' factor to your decor. One specific item that you may roll your eyes at and say, "I don't care" is your napkins, specifically how they are folded and presented to your guests. Whether it is the napkin color, texture, fold or a flower/jewel placed on it to highlight it - they will make the table stand out.

Give your guests a preview of what they will be eating with a playful menu. Have a fun color or shape designed to jump out on the table. The key to napkin decor is to have a beautiful flower or sparkling jewel to add some spice. Fold your napkin in a way where you can slip the flower in the fold with the menu and it will all fit together well.

If your head is still spinning from the first 100 detailed decisions, I am not suggesting you recreate a new breathtaking design. Check out all of the pictures online and find one that strikes you - tweak it to work for your reception venue and color themes. Find inspiration in other couples' designs! You will be surprised how adding one simple flower or jewel to each napkin will transform your wedding and leave your family and friends in awe when they walk into your reception! Is napkin decor overkill or detail that shouldn't be overlooked?

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