Bubbly Bride: Spice up Your Wedding with a Dash of Ginger(bread)

Posted by Azure on December 21st, 2009
About Bubbly Bride

When preparing for your holiday wedding, start thinking about what you look forward to around the holidays! What are your favorite traditions, memories, and cookies (of course)? I have fond memories of making gingerbread cookies every year with my grandma while growing up. While it appeared to our family we were baking cookies... her and I both knew the only reason we were in that kitchen was to enjoy the sugary bliss of the cookie dough! Those memories will stay with me forever. If I planned an event around Christmas time, to celebrate that special moment I think a great idea would be to serve gingerbread cookies at my holiday wedding.

Your holiday memory might not be gingerbread cookies- it might be homemade hot cocoa or a special story you read together every year. Whatever that special memory is -let your guests know why you are serving them the favor and make a big deal out of it! Instead of setting up an 'in memory of' table for my Nanny- I know she would be smiling down on me if I served up delicious gingerbread cookies in honor of her!!

If you already have your wedding favor picked out, find other ways to incorporate the same idea into your special day. For example, tie in the ginger flavor to a signature martini that will be appropriate for the season or add little ginger people onto your cupcakes.

Another fun idea for both kids and adults is to set up a gingerbread decorating station. Have plain gingerbread men and women baked and set out with decorating utensils such as colorful icing, raisins and chocolate chips! Lay out white paper for them to set their food art dry and leave space for them to name their cookie. smile I am sure you will get a laugh out of the creativity of your friends!

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