Real Wedding Challenges: A DIY Destination Wedding

Posted by Azure on January 29th, 2010
We love hearing real wedding stories, and on the last Friday of every month we use Real Wedding Challenges to introduce you to a real married couple that worked through one or more challenges in planning their wedding.
This bride is wearing a single white hibiscus in her hair.

Since these couples are no longer in the midst of planning, we think you’ll find their solutions and perspectives refreshing.

Although Jeremy was practically “the boy next door,” Carol and Jeremy wanted to get away for their wedding. But, they didn’t want to lose the feel and support of a low-stress family wedding. Couple:

Carol, 28, Jewelry and Graphic Designer

Jeremy, 34, Hospital Administrator Wedding Date: June 4, 2009 Sol Mar Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico How they met: Carol says, “Our parents lived across the street from each other. When I was sixteen Jeremy announced that he was going to marry me some day. I was not interested at the time.” Jeremy and Carol knew each other for ten years before they got engaged, and were engaged for over two years. How did you decide on a destination wedding: Carol says, “At Christmas the year before we planned a family vacation for the end of May to Cabo with Jeremy's family . We had been there before with his family and just loved it. So we highjacked the vacation and turned it into our wedding. We got married on a Thursday, so that people could take a long weekend, or enjoy a whole week of fun, sun, fishing and golf.” Describe your wedding:

It was a perfect day, and the waves and tide were especially high, so high the chairs had to be moved. It was sunny and warm. I got up early and brought a huge plate of huevos rancheros back to the room for us to share a delicious breakfast in bed.

I picked a hybiscus off a bush and had Sara, my friend/ traveling stylist, use it in my hair. We took pictures individually and with our families, so as not to see each other in our wedding clothes. After the ceremony we had cocktails poolside and took more pictures. Later Jeremy and I went with our photographer for a few hours to another resort and, you guessed it, took more pictures. Honestly, that two hours of picture time was great, aside form our huevos rancheros it was the most one-on-one time we got that day. We headed back to the dinner and had a Mexican feast. A tradition started at my sister's wedding was continued that evening. After dinner a microphone was passed around to the guests so they could share something about us with everyone or roast us if they wanted to. It was a blast and really personalized the night. By midnight we were exhausted.

Carol's jewelry was designed by ... HERSELF!

Thanks to Carol and Jeremy for sharing their story. Helpful Links: Real Wedding Challenges Destination Weddings DIY Ideas

The bride and groom hang out in Cabo Mexico

The invitation to the destination wedding in Cabo Mexico is done in yellow and blue.

The outdoor wedding in Mexico.

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