The Man Registry: The Top 5 Best Wedding Day Surprises For The Bride

Posted by Azure on March 10th, 2010
About The Man Registry So, you want to surprise her with something unexpected on the wedding day? Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing... Surprise her with a gift

Many couples are opting not to buy gifts for each other in lieu of spending that money elsewhere in wedding planning. Being a sneaky groom, you should use this as the perfect opportunity to catch her off guard with a surprise gift on the wedding day. Need ideas? How about diamond earrings to match her engagement ring or an engraved picture frame that will eventually hold a photo of your first kiss as husband and wife. Write a song or poem for her

I was at a wedding this past weekend where the groom performed an original song that he had written for his new bride. Over 250 guests were in attendance and I don’t think any of them had a dry eye once the song was over.

If you’re not the singing type, a few well crafted lines of poetry should do the trick as well. Speech

I’ll make this simple: surprise her by not half-assing the speech. Making her cry is a requirement, not an option. Transportation

It’s generally one of the groom’s responsibilities to pay for the wedding day transportation. Use this to your advantage by telling her “you’ve got it taken care of.” From there, the possibilities are endless. On one hand, you could go romantic by arranging for a horse drawn carriage to carry you off from the reception. On the other hand, you could go for pure shock value and rent a helicopter. The sky is (literally) the limit. Hotel

Tell her that you’re going to spend the wedding night at a cheaper hotel or save money by staying at your place... and then surprise her with reservations in a honeymoon suite or penthouse of a 5 star locale. For the icing on the cake, have a bottle of champagne waiting on ice and rose petals scattered throughout the room (Wow, I sure hope my man card doesn’t get revoked for writing that). Helpful Links Perfect Gifts For Your Groom Top Tips and Wedding Ideas
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