10 Flower Ideas for Top Wedding Words and Styles

Posted by Azure on December 3rd, 2010
Special to OneWed by Lisa W. for FiftyFlowers.com

Let the words that describe your wedding be the perfect inspiration for your wedding flowers, and be inspired by our flower idea for each word!

Wedding Word 1: Rustic

Flower Idea: Thistle

Technically a green, this simple, honest and sturdy stem gives your day a back roads, woodsy, cowgirl feel. The texture is rooted in nature and evokes an idyllic rural quality. Thistle is available in a range of colors from copper, red, orange, golden, lime green, and teal to metallic blue. Pick your color and make a rustic, down home statement to welcome your guests.

Wedding Word 2: Casual

Flower Idea: Aster

On any given day someone can have this friendly flower hidden behind their back ready to surprise you or sitting on the kitchen table in a mason jar. If you don’t want your day to feel like you’ve made too much of a fuss, count on these mini daisies for that freshly plucked feeling. Asters are available in an array of colors including white, purple, lavender and pink.

Wedding Word 3: Intimate

Flower Idea: Gardenia

Get a little closer with sweet smelling, fragile blooms that make you want to lean in and snuggle up to their fragrance. Gardenia blooms are large with virtually no stem which makes them perfect for floating in a bowl with candles. They are also on the pricier side which makes them perfect for smaller, more intimate affairs when you are on a budget.

Wedding Word 4: Beachy

Flower Idea: Palmetto Fans

Are you thinking beach paradise surrounded by palm trees and coconuts for your wedding? Palm fronds are an underutilized green that create a beautiful canopy for your ceremony or the ultimate tropical umbrella centerpieces. If beachy is one of your wedding words, don’t forget that palms just may be your ultimate signature wedding flower.

Wedding Word 5: Whimsical

Flower Idea: Fiddlehead Fern

If you want your wedding to feel as if you stepped right out of a storybook, consider the quirky, coiled fiddlehead fern. It makes everyone smile by popping out of your bouquet, his boutonniere and even your centerpieces. These playful, nearly comical stems will liven up your day. And your guests will be surprised and delighted by a bloom they may not have seen before.

Wedding Word 6: Classic

Flower Idea: Rose

Classic doesn’t have to mean boring! The timeless rose comes in thousands of colors and varieties. Choose from Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Peony Roses and even Six Foot Tall Roses. Hundreds of color options ranging from solid to bicolor and variegated. With roses you achieve classic style and yet also have a chance to add your own exemplary flair.

Wedding Word 7: Modern

Flower Idea: Celosia

A deep golden-yellow, this wonderfully, almost weird flower boasts soft velvety frills atop a fan shape bloom. Celosia is as unique as it is dazzling and contemporary. Also available in dark red, orange and pink hues, you will definitely make a chic, swank, trendy and fashionable statement with this one-of-a-kind stem.

Wedding Word 8: Creative

Flower Idea: Iris

One of the only true blue flowers, Iris has delicate petals that open fully to expose striking yellow throats. This exceptionally colorful flower is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Seeking an artistic flower for your wedding? Then consider Iris, one of the most colorful flowers in existence. Color variations include white, yellow and purple.

Wedding Word 9: Romantic

Flower Idea: Peony

Poofy and frilly, no other blooms make your heart soar quite like puffy, girly peonies. Charming, lyrical, fanciful and chivalrous, splurging on the peony as your wedding day flower creates the quintessential romance you’ve dreamed of. There are many colors and varieties to choose from. And while they are a much more expensive bloom, none other says romance quite like a peony.

Wedding Word 10: Joyful

Flower Idea: Canterbury Bells

Campanulas, also known as Canterbury Bells, have a melodic shaped bloom with softly curling petals and a yellow pistol. This inspirational flower sets the joyful tone of bells ringing and typically receives a lot of praise from guests who may not have seen it before. With Campanulas as your signature flower, wedding bells will chime. Also available in white and purple.

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