DIY Wedding Centerpieces: Get Creative with Your Cake Stand

Posted by Azure on February 4th, 2011
Special to OneWed by Jennifer McGarigle of FloralArt

Let Them Eat Cake! You've probably never thought of your wedding cake stand as anything other than that... a stand for your beautiful wedding cake! But if you think outside of the box, you'll see that cake stands are versatile, and add a simple d├ęcor element to any engagement party, bridal shower or wedding centerpiece.

Here are three ideas for using your cake stand in a creative way: 1. Fruit-filled Centerpiece: For a still life arrangement, cluster one kind of fruit (or a few) in like colors and place them on the cake stand plate. Adorn the side of each cake stand with a pretty orchid, or your favorite bloom. If you're using long tables at your soiree, alternate fruits from stand to stand. 2. Candles and Rose Petals: Glass votive candles on a cake stand are also sweet. Add blush pink or white rose petals to the surface of the plate to soften the look even more. 3. Fresh Flower Cake: Flower cakes are more involved, so if you're scared of DIY this might not be for you. But, flower cakes are actually pretty simple to make. Blooms like kermit Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Hydrangea are good for these because they provide a compact blossom backdrop for the detailed flowers on top.
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