DIY Wedding Centerpiece Idea: Hanging Orchids

Posted by Azure on July 22nd, 2011
Special to OneWed by Lisa W.

Looking for a simple and stunning table accent? Go vertical! It’s easy to create this darling centerpiece by hanging a strand of orchids inside a glass cylinder. Simply use a DIY flower arranger as your support. Plus, orchids are easy to work and hearty - thus perfect for DIY projects. And you can save money and time by purchasing ready-made bags of loose orchid blooms instead of stems.

Here’s the scoop on how you can make this centerpiece for an upcoming engagement party, shower, wedding reception or brunch: Shopping List • Orchid blossoms • DIY flower arranger • 4-inch cylinder vase • Sewing needle • Fishing wire • Scissors • Rocks or marbles • Spray bottle of water Step 1 • Using needle and fishing wire thread the orchids into a strand about 3-4 inches long. • Hang strand of orchids from center of the DIY flower arranger. Step 2 • Place rocks in the bottom of the cylinder. • Insert strand of orchids into cylinder so arranger rests on the top of the vase. Step 3 • Add one more decorative orchid blossom on top to finish the look. • Mist daily to keep the orchids hydrated.

See how easy DIY can be! And the best news is that orchids and stones come in a variety of colors so you can design your own unique look!
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