DIY Wedding Centerpieces: 5 Fabulous Ideas

Posted by Azure on August 17th, 2011
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If you have already decided to go the DIY route for your wedding reception centerpieces, pat yourself on the back for knocking one big decision out of the way. The next would be to decide what to create for the centerpieces. It is almost overwhelming the amount of inspiration that is on the Internet, but there are key things to remember to help keep you sane. 1. Remember your wedding theme. 2. Remember that elaborate can be time consuming and 3. Remember that you have friends who will help if you ask.

To make things even easier for you, we have compiled a list of five easy, yet lovely, DIY wedding centerpieces that you can draw inspiration from for your big day. 1. For a July wedding, the bride created simple centerpieces with jars filled with sand, BBQ skewers and red, white and blue paper. This is a great example of how themes make decorating less stressful as it is a guide for you to follow. 2. If you are planning a beach wedding, it’s easy and inexpensive to gather materials for your centerpieces. Shells, sand and rocks are free for the pickin’ and you can get as creative as you want with them. Whether you decide to place them in jars or have them spread out over the table, nature provides you with the materials needed to help you complete your summer wedding theme. 3. We all need a little variety now and then, right? Then how about incorporating a variety of different types of bottles for your centerpieces? Bottles are easy to collect over time and there are lots of colors and sizes to choose from. Brighten things up with wedding flowers, ribbon or candles, and you have an elegant set-up in no time. 4. I love this idea from Rachel Ray. It’s easy, fun and full of color, but best of all it’s unique. Shop around for inexpensive glassware instead of jars. IKEA is always a great place to look for stuff like this, but so is your local thrift shop. You could also get creative with what goes inside the glass too. Try fruit, photos or whatever you think would go best with the theme of your wedding. 5. By painting wine, water or beer bottles in the color scheme of your wedding, you are ensuring that you have eye-popping centerpieces your wedding guests will enjoy. Because there are so many different colors and types of paint, possibilities are endless on how you could to decorate the bottles. From incorporating chalk paint so that your guests can write you a memo to adding simple patterns that catch the eye, your guests will appreciate the artistic, and personal, touches that you added on your wedding day. What other simple DIY centerpiece ideas can you share with brides-to-be? Post a comment below to share your wisdom!!
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