Easy, Breezy DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Posted by Azure on September 20th, 2011
I stopped into Chicago's Ralph Lauren restaurant for a mimosa this weekend. And right there on my table was a stunning centerpiece that would be a breeze to DIY.

Delicate ivory flowers (reminiscent of Kate Middleton's understated bridal bouquet) were placed in gorgeous silver mint julep cups, but just about any color or type of bloom would look great, giving you the freedom to make this DIY wedding project your own! What you'll need • Silver mint julep cups • Floral foam • Small to medium sized flowers • Scissors or a sharp knife Simple DIY Steps 1. Prep- Measure the rough dimension (or dimensions if using varying sizes) of your mint julep cups and cut round pieces of floral foam to fit snugly inside. 2. Design- Pick the perfect wedding flowers for your mint julep centerpieces. We love soft, romantic blooms in shades of white and ivory, light pink and blue, but this part is totally up to you! Pick flowers that suit your overall wedding style, color palette and budget. And pay special attention to size... you'll want to be able to fit 3-5 blooms in each mint julep cup. 3. Create- Soak your floral foam rounds in water then place into the mint julep cups. Trim the stems of your flowers to the appropriate length, cutting at a 45 degree angle with sharp scissors or a knife. Slide the stems of your flowers into the floral foam, arranging smaller blooms in clusters of two or three.

To ensure your centerpieces look stunning all night long, tackle step 3 the morning of the wedding, with help from your family, bridesmaids and/or DOC. Also, try to purchase your blooms the night before the wedding (or morning of, if you dare). You'll want the flowers as fresh as possible! What do you think of this DIY wedding project? Would you try it at home? Seems simple enough, doesn't it?

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