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Posted by Azure on March 1st, 2010
About Recycled Bride 5 ideas for eco-wedding transportation

What's the #1 cause of a big carbon footprint on your wedding day? Travel! The carbon emissions from taking planes, trains and automobiles to shuttle to and from events can add up to take a huge toll on the environment. So the most eco-friendly thing you can do for your wedding is to find green transportation solutions for you and your guests. Here's how you can make eco-transport a fun and interesting part of your wedding: Eco-Limos - Hire an eco-friendly car service or limo company that uses alternative energy fueled vehicles. DrivenEco is one of many national companies that offer eco-extravagance with chauffered hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles. And Eco-Limo provides stylish rides that I like to call "Pimp My Prius" in select cities, with customized hybrids that offer all the luxuries of a conventional limo, without the hefty carbon footprint. Carpooling - If you're not providing transportation for your guests and bridal party, connect them via a Facebook page or, even better, your Wedding Pre-Party on OneWed, so they can arrange carpools. This will not only cut down on their carbon emissions, it will reduce the number of designated drivers at your wedding. Which means more friends will toast your marriage with a glass of bubbly and join you in cutting loose on the dance floor! Public Transportation - Imgaine your entire wedding party taking over a New York City bus, or the Los Angeles metro. There's nothing quite as cool as photos of brides against these gritty backdrops, and the delighted smiles of strangers when they see a wedding party in an unexpected place. If your ceremony and reception are being held at separate locations, or your wedding venue is across town from where most of your guests live, organize a public transport outing for everyone. It will loosen up your guests and give everyone a fun shared experience. Party Buses & Vans - While there aren't currently any low-emission party buses that we know of, it's still greener to transport everyone in one vehicle than to have many people drive separately to your wedding. Arrange a pickup route or a mutual meeting place for your party bus, and get creative with the type of bus or van you rent. One of my favorite wedding transport ideas came from the Broke-Ass Bride and the Fresh Hubby, who rented a double-decker sightseeing tour bus to transport their peeps around Los Angeles. Go Gas-Free - All eyes will be on you and your new hubby during your entrance and exit, so make an eco-splash by arriving via a tandem bike, canoe... even a horse! Show your guests how much fun it can be to travel in a gas-free ride. And don't forget the "Just Married" sign! Helpful Links: Find Wedding Transportation Green Wedding Ideas Wedding Pre-Party (to get your guests together before the wedding! Carpools, anyone?)
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