Question of the Week: How Green Are You? How Green Is Your Wedding?

Posted by Azure on April 20th, 2010
Earth Day is Thursday (actually, I guess now the whole week is Earth Week).

Obviously, it's very fashionable and popular to be eco-friendly or green with your life and your wedding. But, I'm just curious, how eco-friendly are you really? How important is having an eco-friendly wedding to you?

Are you doing the basic reduce, reuse, recycle or are you going the extra mile and spending the extra dollar to make your wedding eco-friendly? Are you asking questions of your vendors, and trying to make eco-friendly choices?

No judgement, just curiosity!

By the way, that beautiful wedding dress is from eco-friendly designer The Cotton Bride, you can see more of their dresses on our dress gallery. Helpful Links Green Wedding Ideas Dress Gallery
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