Ask the Experts: Earth Day Tips for a Green Wedding

Posted by Azure on April 22nd, 2010
In honor of Earth Day we asked our Ask the Experts panel to share some of their favorite tips and suggestions for Green Weddings.

Thea of Rose of Sharon Event Florist in Fayetville, Arkansas says: My favorite practice that I've seen recently is to re-purpose the florals after the wedding.  By collecting the flowers and donating them to a hospital or live-in care facility rather than throwing them away, arrangements can be enjoyed for the full life span of the flowers, residents of these facilities get to enjoy fresh flowers, and the bride & groom get a little more value from this perishable product.  (Plus the florist doesn't have to throw away HOURS of hard work!). Ariana of Iris Fields, Inc. of New York says: We always encourage our couples to be friendly to the environment before their wedding as well as encorporating eco-friendly things they can do the day of.

Before the wedding we provide them with ways to print all their stationary on recycled paper and have even had success with clients using services like Paperless Post to send out "save the dates."  At the wedding we encourage our couples to either donate their flowers to another couple who cannot afford flowers or to a nursing home or hospital.  Instead of favors we recommend a donation on their guests behalf to a charity of their choice.  So, a ton of our recommendations are not only eco-friendly but paying it forward to those in need on behalf of their special day. And just one last thing! We try to cut down on emissions by recommending a coach bus to transport guests from hotels to the venues.

What about you? Any ideas to share?

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