5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Wedding Cake Toppers from Recycled Bride

Posted by Azure on September 27th, 2010
About Recycled Bride - Unique Wedding Cake Toppers for Your Green Wedding Celebration -

1.Star House's Etsy shop is filled with images of the custom wedding cake toppers that owner Heather creates by hand from her home in North Carolina. Heather does all of the cutting, sanding, and painting, with the help of her family. Her wonderfully charming, rustic cake toppers are finished with a homemade beeswax and organic jojoba oil, or they can be made with an eco-friendly vegan poly finish for those who prefer to avoid bee products. You can also order a beautiful round of locally harvested Locust wood as a base for your topper, and have it engraved with your wedding date and names. 2.Vintage cake toppers are stylish, eco-friendly, and make fantastic keepsakes for after the wedding. Go to Fancy Flours to find a broad selection of vintage and antique cake toppers that make fantastic keepsakes for your home. 3.Red Light Studio, another Etsy seller, makes custom-designed, hand-sculpted and hand-painted bird's nest cake toppers that will put a a smile on your face. The tree contains a soft bed of preserved moss sitting in its nest, and a heart is carved on the front that hold the initials of the new bride and groom. The birds are made of all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable paper clay, which is very light and very durable. 4. Origami sugar cranes from Sugarworks are made of colored sugar, which will eventually 100% biodegrade. These unique and colorful cake toppers look like blown glass, but are completely edible and biodegradable (though they will last for years in your home!) Amaze your guests with these unique and creative designs. 5. Use nature's bounty to make a cake topper from food, flowers, or other natural items. Having a beach-themed wedding? Use seashells and sea stones to top your cake. Or try fresh fruit. What could be more modern and elegant than a pair of pears to top your cake and show your love for each other and the Earth? What's your best idea for an Earth-friendly wedding cake topper? Helpful Links: Chic Wedding Cakes Wedding Cake Toppers For All Styles

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