Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers for Earth Day: 3 Ideas to Go Green!

Posted by Azure on April 22nd, 2011
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Even if you want to be 100% Earth-friendly on your wedding day, there is no need to forgo fresh cut flowers. While it’s true that imported blooms may create a larger carbon footprint, you have options. The key is to ask the right questions to know exactly where your flowers are coming from.

Keep an open mind and consider the many varieties of natural greenery to choose from. Simply ask your wedding florist to source flowers and foliage that meet your specifications or shop online for wholesale flowers and greenery to see what’s available. Check out three ways you can choose gorgeous, eco-friendly flowers and foliage for your big day: Eco-Chic Idea #1: Go Natural

What are the stunning, native flower varieties and greenery that grow in your region? If you can’t answer that question, spend a day visiting local farms and look at options that will have the lowest fuel consumption. If you’re getting married in the winter ask your floral designer for ideas using branches, pods and foliage. Get creative with natural foliage such as cattails, ivy, magnolia and pine. Eco-Chic Idea #2: Buy Direct

Cut the carbon footprint by ordering wholesale flowers direct from the farm and have the blooms shipped right to your doorstep. The alternative journey for imported flowers is arriving in port, sent to a distributor, then to a wholesaler, then to a florist who designs them and finally delivers them to you. That’s a lot of travel and fuel. By ordering flowers direct and cutting out the middle man, you are reducing travel time and will enjoy the freshest flowers possible on your big day. Eco-Chic Idea #3: It’s Alive!

Incorporate live plants into your arrangements and bouquets. Buy locally grown herbs such as thyme, rosemary and lavender or consider growing them from a seed if you have the patience. Either way, potted plants are alive and will make quite an eco-statement. Contact a local greenhouse to view their supply of succulents, which require very little water and can serve as a reminder of your day for many years.

Special thanks to Angela M. Graziano, founding editor of Something Green Blog, for contributing her eco-event ideas.

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