OneWed’s “Genius Wedding Expert” Talks Wedding-Night Sex on!

Posted by Azure on March 18th, 2009’s daily sex and relationship blog, Smitten, wanted some expert advice on doing the deed on the big day. You’ll never guess whose wealth of knowledge they tapped into… I’ll give you a couple of hints. She’s a OneWed gal, a devoted Savvy Scooper, and her name starts with J and ends with N.

Yep, you got it! Our very own Jen N offered smart and savvy advice for Smitten’s “Wedding-Night Sex: Would You Take a Sex Break Before Your Big Day?” This fabulous article maps out the pros and cons of taking a pre-wedding sex hiatus, and delivers on OneWed’s promise to offer our savvy brides honest answers. Check out the article on’s Smitten blog, post a comment with your opinions on this topic, and don’t forget to read the rest of the posted comments (some hilarious, all honest)- “I had a friend whose fiancé decided they should stop having sex... but didn't tell her!! She freaked out.”

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