Hey Grooms!  GQ’s Rules for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

Posted by Azure on April 17th, 2009
“Who says closing the book on a man’s singlehood has to involve overpriced hotel suites, bad steak, and dingy strip clubs? If you do the age-old celebration right, you can make it what it was originally intended to be: a douche-baggery-free weekend of male bonding no one involved will forget- or regret.”

Below, I’ve chosen a few of my favorites from this honest, fun article, but for GQ's full "How to Build a Better Bachelor Party" rules, click here! No. 2) Just say no to the Spice Channel No. 3) You might want to reconsider the whole “roast” thing, but if you have your heart set on hearing hilarious odes to you, tell your boys well in advance, make it mandatory, and most importantly, supply shots. No. 7) Do something you’d do even if you weren’t getting married: Your bachelor party is the perfect opportunity to book that outdoor trip you’ve always wanted to take (you know, the one that brought a look of disgust and fear to your girlfriend/fiancée’s face every time you posed the idea?) No.'s 10, 11, 12) Do not fear the wilderness (Or, why the woods are the perfect place for a man to spend his last-ish night of singlehood)...

- If you do decide to rough it, remember one thing- you are a grown-ass man, NOT a boy scout: And so, don’t forget your portable aero bed, butane lighter, and headlamp

- Never throw a full can of beer into a campfire: As tempting as it is, just don’t! And my personal favorite, Rule No. 15, Three good reasons to go stripper-free: 1) Strippers make for mental images that will haunt you: you may see things around you (whipping, bondage, etc.)that will scar you for life. 2) Spending money irresponsibly will be inevitable 3) Strippers beget self-destructive behavior
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