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Posted by Azure on June 2nd, 2009
Lover of Life, Purveyor of Beautiful Things and Fashion Writer
Kenyatte Nelson- blue suit, green coat with yellow flower, bubblegum pink jacket

Once upon a time there was this guy named Kenyatte. Oh…sorry, it’s pronounced like “piñata”…you know the brightly-colored paper mache “thingy” that people fill with tasty treats only to have a sugar thirsty mob of stick wielding kids swing away until it “gives up the goods” (wow…It must suck to be a Pinata). I digress.

Kenyatte grew up in Charlotte, NC and went to Florida A&M University where he received his MBA. Incidentally, he also has a minor in “Being Awesome” and graduated with honors. After his time in Florida, Kenyatte made a career for himself as a global marketer and consultant for some pretty cool companies. Big wigs at places like Procter & Gamble, Delta Airlines, Gatoraid, Pizza Hut, Crayola, and Absolut have all paid Kenyatte big bucks to do what he calls “Big Idea” generation. It sounds like marketing mumbo-jumbo to me but hey, whatever works.

On a personal note, Kenyatte lives in Cincinnati OH and besides being a general lover of life; he is a hopeless romantic, an avid conversationalist (he hates texting) and a “foodie”. He is also an amateur photographer, a collector of wine and 12” records and a self described “fashionisto”– with over 40 pairs of jeans, 30 sport coats and several dozen suits I have a sneaking suspicion that the name is well deserved. Kenyatte believes in smiling while you talk on the phone, saying “please” and “thank you” and that the beauty of life is in the people you meet along the way. His personal motto is “if life is every person’s work of art we should not paint it in broad strokes but instead explore the details and create a masterpiece”. In short, Kenyatte believes in living and loving life beautifully.

In addition to being a professional marketer and an all around gentlemen of leisure, Kenyatte is a fashion blogger and has been a student of men’s fashion and fashion trends for the past 10 years. In fact Kenyatte was even named “The Best Dressed Man in America” by Esquire Magazine and has been featured in several local and national fashion and lifestyle publications. He’s even made local and national TV appearances including the “Today Show”. I guess it makes sense…he’s a snappy dresser and a pretty good looking guy (not Brad Pitt, Will Smith good looking. More like, “hey, he’s kinda cute” good looking).

The good news is that our friend Kenyatte will now be providing fashion, wardrobe and style advice for the men who will stand at the left of the bride on her wedding day (or “his” wedding day depending on what state you live in).

By the way, Kenyatte asked me to tell you “Congratulations and it’s a pleasure to meet you” Make it an Outstanding Day!

*it is pure coincidence the writer and subject have the same name
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