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Posted by Azure on June 5th, 2009
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Last week we explored the history of men's formal wear along with how easy it is for them to shop online. Don't you, in a way, envy them? I mean, you don't find guys making the rounds at Selix and Gingiss with an entourage of gromsmen all comparing colors, shapes and textures. Nor do they blog much about finding their dream suit and how many different styles they had to try on before they found, The One.

The most important thing to remember about your overall look is, the bride and groom should be in simpatico. If you're in a formal gown and long veil, your groom can’t show up in a casual linen suit without setting your unity as a couple off-balance. Understand this day is symbolic; you’re creating the harmony you hope follows the rest of your life.

If you happen to like tradition and want to follow the rules to the letter, below you’ll find them outlined; on the other hand, if you wish to add a twist on those traditions to demonstrate your creativity or make a statement, go for it. HIGH DRESS FORMAL- or ultra-formal. Typically when the bride is in a formal wedding dress with a long train and corresponding veil after 4PM, the groom is in white-tie/tails. So what if you want to go white tie before 4PM? As long as the bride’s gown is formal enough and you both feel better in full dress at noon, do it. FORMAL- Time of day (11AM-4PM), location and size of the guest list usually distinguish this from the High Dress Formal wedding. The bride wears a gown with a long train and the groom is usually in a tuxedo. Single or double-breasted, the tux is worn for formal and semi-formal weddings with matching trousers that have a satin stripe running down the outside leg. Under the jacket is a wing tip or spread collared shirt, vest or cummerbund and bow tie. Contemporary versions with vests can be worn with a necktie replacing the bow tie. An alternative to the tux is the traditional morning coat, once standard for formal daytime weddings. To picture this look think Ascot. You know those races in England with all the guys in top hats? Like tails, this coat is short in front, tapering to a long split panel in back. Can be in black, but gray is the traditional shade. The coat is worn with corresponding gray or gray pinstripe trousers, a gray vest and white spread collared or wing-tip shirt, topped off with an ascot tie. SEMI-FORMAL- Typically, the bride is still in a formal gown, only she dons a shorter train or ball gown sans the train. This less traditional wedding gives you both the flexibility to tone down the formality of your attire. Here you can go with a different shade or unconventional cut tux like a Nehru jacket. During summer months, how about a white dinner jacket with black trousers, matching cummerbund and tie? This is a great look at most West Coast or island weddings—compliments beachy/evening gown silhouettes so trendy now. GROOMSMEN- So who gets outfitted besides the groom? Best man and ushers in a style and shade the groom picks out. This can include fathers of bride and groom and in some cases grandfathers, who get ushered in and seated prior to the ceremony. Do grandfathers and fathers suits have to match the groomsmen exactly? No. But if the wedding is formal they are ctypically in formal dress. Here are some more guidelines to know about outfitting guys. In the high dress formal wedding, ushers and best man’s attire matches exactly that of the groom right down to boutonnière and gloves. This excludes the little guys. Tradition dictates boy attendants belong in the bride’s party; usually they wear page costumes or Eaton Suits. Formalwear Stores however do outfit ring bearers as small as size 3. In the formal and semi-formal wedding, the groomsmen are still matched in attire but the groom can set himself apart by wearing a different color cummerbund, vest, tie, boutonnière, etc. A more radical but acceptable variation would be if he’s in a morning suit, and puts the guys in tuxes.

When it comes to cost, men are lucky. Get this: you, the bride can shell out anywhere from $3,000-10,000.00 for a quality designer gown, while your guy can rent a white-tie package for about $250.00. And that’s everything, including shoes and pocket silk. Morning coat packages run a little less; tux packages as low as $80.00. If you and your guy plan to ‘Put on the Ritz’ at future ‘Black Tie’ celebrations, consider purchasing. Purchase price on a classic black tux from a formalwear dealer runs about $400.00 to $500.00. Tonier haberdasheries start them around $700.00 and can go over $2000.00. Below are a few formal wear looks from Selix to get you started.

Congratulations and best of luck!
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