Bubbly Bride: Capturing the Moment from the First “I Will” to the Final “I Do”

Posted by Azure on June 29th, 2009
About Bubbly Bride

Some may call it wedding paparazzi, but having your photographer there when you pop the big question is quickly becoming a popular trend. Men are hiring photographers to follow them throughout the evening - undercover, snapping pictures in a very photo-journalistic style. For example, a team of photographers may dress up as tourists and you will never know their cameras are actually pointed at you!

Now, what used to be stories of a private moment between the couple, is full of candid pictures of every step of the event. The same realism that we are seeing so much from reality TV, is reflected in the wedding proposals. From the moment the groom gets down on one knee, he wants that first smile from his future wife captured in a picture forever! If you think back to your engagement and the year following up to your wedding day, I am sure it was a complete blur. There is so many boxes to check and people to see that having a photographer there to periodically snap some photos sounds like a fabulous way to help you remember! Looking back you will be glad that you have memories from the very beginning!

Proposal photography sessions are not for everyone. There is a strong school of thought that argues these are very private, once in a lifetime moments and having someone else taking pictures of it is taking away from the intimacy. Others do not like the idea of someone following them when they are unaware, almost in a stalking way.

A story is formed from the first "I Will" and continues with the showers, bachelor parties and planning stages until the final "I Do's" are said! Would you be willing to have your proposal photographed without knowing someone was following your every step?

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