Marriage Through The Decades: How Times Have Changed!

Posted by Azure on July 1st, 2009
I often find myself wishing I was born decades ago, when life seemed so simple. With BlackBerrys, iPhones, and other smartphones replacing face-to-face conversation, and constant email inundation making it impossible to leave work at the office, I yearn for the days when family and feelings trumped technology...
Because she married a man of another faith, she was cut out of the will

But, when I see things like this, I thank my lucky stars that I'm a GenY baby! This newspaper clip was taken from the January, 12th, 1918 Brooklyn Eagle, and it reads... "SARAH POSNER, of 30 Bedford avenue, who died December 20, left an estate of $3000. A daughter, Pauline, is left $3 because the testator states, she left home without permission to marry a man of another faith; Samuel Posner, the husband, receives all of the property and the use of the real property for life, and the residue is divided equally among five children, David Posner, Rose Nalziman, Hulda Well, Etta Dadzin and Gusate Posner." Thoughts??
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