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Posted by Azure on July 2nd, 2009
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Long before I got engaged and began planning my own wedding, I planned events for a living. So it came as little surprise the level of detail and logistics that are required to pull one off – whether it’s a small intimate gathering or grand scale ballroom affair. Pulling things together, getting people in one area, and providing them a memorable experience, takes work. There are so many options to choose from, costs to incur and decisions to be made. If you’re lucky, you and your partner will agree on every single point. But if you are like us and have difference in opinion then be prepared to have some ….err…discussions.

The BF and I made a pact right off the bat, that we try to enjoy the process and not to get so caught up in the planning that we lost sight of what really mattered. And it’s easy to. Believe me. You want this to be an amazing day both for you as a couple and your guests as well. There are many decisions to be made and not all of them you will agree on. That’s fine. Everyone has a different vision or a different idea of that they want for their wedding. The trick is to approaching those differences properly.

We have been engaged for over a year and half which means that we have spent over a year and half talking about wedding. I can’t think of anything I’ve discussed as repetitively as our wedding. Wedding is a verb in our home. There have been many (most) things that we have agreed on, but there have been points of difference. We agreed to approach any differences by taking a step back to ask ourselves if we both wanted the same outcome, but had our own idea of how to bring it to life. This aligned us on one level and allowed us to explore other options and come to a compromise.

However, there were a few times where we each had a strong opinion about a particular thing and we had to make a decision on. For the most part, we moved forward with my ideas and I know that sounds grandiose but it is what it is (I played the event planner card a few times!). However, I’ve said from the beginning, that while this day is largely centred around the bride, it isn’t about the me (the bride) it’s really about us. The two of us as a couple. And I never wanted to lose sight of that. So I wanted to relish his enthusiasm about his ideas and I wanted to make sure he felt as much a part of the planning process as I did. He was also good about peppering my more…ummm…creative ideas with a few doses of reality.

In the end, for us, it was (is) important to keep in mind that the fun isn’t just the wedding day, it’s the experience leading up to it. Ideally you are working as a team to bring this event to life. It’s about the connections you make with the people you don’t know who are helping you make this day happen (your planner, venue contacts, suppliers and vendors). It’s about spending time with family and friends doing things you normally wouldn’t (the dress fittings, the showers, the pre-wedding parties). It’s a wedding. It’s a day of celebration. Don’t get too caught up in planning a celebration that you lose sight of why you are there.
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