Bubbly Bride: ‘Monumental’ Locations For Your Wedding

Posted by Azure on August 10th, 2009
About Bubbly Bride What location did you choose to take pictures on your big day?

Every state, city and town has that one destination that is a must for photos. Whether it is as grand as the Eiffel tower, or as simple as the popular hamburger joint down the street, you have that monument that your area is known for. Most brides want to have the classic picture with this monument to remember the destination of their wedding. Plan ahead with your photographer to meet at a certain time to get these pictures. If you are seeing your fiance before the wedding I think these type of locations are perfect for your "first meeting" together. Set it up so it is just the two of you and your photographer, to catch the moment with breathtaking skylines of these famous monuments.

Another reason to plan ahead is to make sure there isn't an event already scheduled, if you are headed to a popular destination. Many times these tourist destinations have festivals, conventions or rallies that might be joining you for the shoot. I am not suggesting to avoid these places because of the crowds, they will only add to the character of your pictures, but make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into!

Parking in many of these areas is difficult since most are in high traffic areas. Plan to have a limo, bus or designated driver that can drop your group off and take a few laps around until you are ready to be picked up.

Although the monuments shown below are well known, my favorite is the picture from Life on Prints with the wedding party crammed into the bus stop. To you and me, the bus stop probably doesn't mean anything specific, but to the bride it could be her bus stop that she has spent the last year standing at waiting to visit her future husband. A monument doesn't have to be nationally known, they just have to be important locations that have meaning to you! What monument in your hometown has special significance to you and your hubby-to-be??

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