The Man Registry: Best Man Qualifications

Posted by Azure on August 19th, 2009
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Choose your Best Man wisely, he’s a crucial part of your wedding!

Having a tough time deciding on your Best Man? Don’t worry; this is more common than you think. Here are a few pointers to remember when making this important selection. Get it right, because for 50% of us, this is the only wedding you’re ever going to have! Can he plan a party?

Can he plan the bachelor party that you want? If not, move on to your second choice. Life-long friend

Thinking about giving the Best Man honor to your current man crush you just met last year? Think again. The most common selections for Best Man are siblings and old friends. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose someone you haven’t known your entire life. But, be sure to ask yourself “Will we still be friends in ten years?” Is he responsible?

Your Best man is going to have his hands full with wedding duties. Those duties consist of helping plan the bachelor party, helping the groom get prepared on the wedding morning, carrying the bride’s wedding band, giving a toast and more. As the groom, you need to be sure that your choice for Best Man can handle all of the pressure and responsibility that comes with the title.

We know the decision can be tough, but such is life. Luckily you’ve got groomsmen positions for those that just don’t measure up to the title ‘Best Man’.

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