How to Merge Your Fantasy Wedding with His Fantasy Football League

Posted by Azure on September 11th, 2009
With football season approaching (I’m sorry, should that be capital letters, is it important or something?), a lot of brides are worried that they’re about to lose their grooms to the T.V.
An elegant bride, groom, and bridal party have fun on the University of Wisconsin’s football field.

and be stuck planning the wedding alone.

If that’s your concern, you might want to have your groom check out this hilarious article from the groom-centric site, The Plunge: “20 Rules for Fantasy Football, and Oddly, Wedding Planning.”

My favorites: 2. Bone up on the draft, then coast.

If you have a strong draft, your team should thrive. Yes, you can tweak your team with trades and savvy midseason pickups, but 80 percent of your performance is a direct result of your draft. For your wedding, the "Big Three" decisions are the venue, the guest list, the date. Once you nail down those three variables, the rest will fall into place and you can mostly relax, just keeping the occasional eye on the waiver wire. 9. Beware the nut-jobs.

Only draft a Terrell Owens or Michael Vick with extreme caution. Personalities matter. Ditto for the guest list. If you have some crazy friend that has a 13 percent chance of organizing a dogfight in the parking lot behind your reception, think twice about inviting him. 11. But don't get too cute with sleepers.

Some owners just think they're so clever, and they convince themselves that their darling sleeper is worthy of a 3rd round pick. He's not. Don't value wild speculation over a no-brainer. Stick with the tried and true. So unless the economics are truly dire, avoid a sleeper choice like, "Hey, my cousin got a new camera, maybe he can take the pictures for the wedding!" 14. Respect the commissioner

Your league's commissioner also has a full-time job. And he has to deal with a bunch of administrative stuff that you would find tedious and time-consuming. You should always, always, always respect and be thankful for your commissioner. Same goes for your fiancee. 20. Value your NFL team over your fantasy team.

The most important rule. Inevitably, every fantasy football owner, at one point or another, is confronted with an ethical quandary: what to do when your NFL team is pitted against your fantasy team. Let's say you're a Redskins fan, but you have Peyton Manning, and the Colts are playing Washington. You're torn. But still, you know that at the end of the day, you must pull for your NFL team. That's what really matters. So, in those rare times when fantasy football (the wedding) gets in the way of what actually matters (your relationship and your fiancee) always side with the team that counts.

To read the full article, visit The Plunge:
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