From Our Honeymoon Expert: Backroads Biking or Hiking for the Adventurous Couple!

Posted by Azure on October 2nd, 2009
This week, we move our Destination Weddings and Honeymoons series, to the advice section on our site!
Hiking or biking through the Italian countryside- perfect honeymoon for the adverturous couple!

Marie O'Mara of shares one of her favorite honeymoon plans for the adventurous newlywed couple... There are a few types of honeymoons, those that are filled with beaches, sunsets and relaxation and then there are those full of exploration, sightseeing, education AND let’s not forget the once in a lifetime thrill seeking experiences. For the couples that look for adventure and nonstop action, I have the ideal action packed honeymoon for you! A Backroads Biking or Hiking adventure.Continue reading about this amazing Italian excursion...
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