A Unique Spin: Hire a Pro Wedding Photographer for a Romantic Honeymoon Photo Shoot!

Posted by Azure on October 7th, 2009
This is something I hadn't thought of... And I LOVE the idea!

Kate and Alex had a small garden wedding at the bride's mom's house, so they wanted their honeymoon to be extra special. Greece and the Greek Islands would be their destination of choice, and since a second ceremony on the beach in Greece was not an option (as neither the bride nor the groom are Greek Orthodox), they decided to get creative!

So, the couple brought their wedding garb along on the honeymoon, and once they arrived in Santorini...

"We had asked our concierge if he knew of any photographers that would be able to work with us. Right away he called Kosta, and we scheduled him for the next day for 2 hours of pictures on the beach. His wife does hair and make-up, so she came a little early to do my hair, while Alex, Kosta, and I discussed our visions for the pictures. Kosta suggested a few places that he had taken past brides and grooms to, where there were breathtaking views and unique photo opportunities. He and his wife were from Australia and moved to Santorini about 3 years earlier. It was very easy to communicate with them without a language barrier to worry about.

He took us all over the island for pictures in many different locations. Places we would never have even known about!! Not only were we getting beautiful pictures, but we got our own private tour of the island!

The pictures of us jumping in the water was an idea that I had come up with a couple of weeks prior. You hear about brides doing all sorts of ceremonious dress burnings, ripping, etc. I didn't feel like I wanted to actually destroy my dress... so I thought it would be a great picture if we jumped into the ocean in our wedding outfits. Also a cool wedding announcement... "Kate and Alex Took the Plunge!"
" Isn't this a fabulous way to make your honeymoon just as memorable as the wedding itself??
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