The Man Registry: Grooms… Beware the Wedding Day Prank

Posted by Azure on October 28th, 2009
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An unspoken tradition amongst Best Men and Groomsmen is that they must carry out a successful prank on the groom on the big day. This tradition has been passed down for many years and is a sort of measuring stick for how well these guys perform their wedding party duties.

I’m here to tell all of you grooms out there – keep your eyes open! For you never know which of your friends may be plotting against you.

Take for example my wedding day. My groomsmen and I were all getting dressed together. One of my brothers had been kind enough to pick up my tux and bring it to the staging area. When I went to put on my jacket, however, something didn’t feel right. In fact, something felt very wrong. I could not get the thing on because it was three sizes too small! I immediately launched into a full-blown panic attack. The ceremony was scheduled to start in less than an hour and there was no way I was getting to the tux shop and back in time to swap it out.

Of course it all dawned on me at once that a major prank had just been played on me. I couldn’t believe I had fallen for what is apparently one of the oldest tricks in the book - the ‘ol tux jacket swap. They got me good.

I guess the moral of this story is that I should have seen this coming. The groom always gets pranked. Whether it’s swapping out tux sizes or the Best Man pretending to have lost the ring, it’s going to be something. You grooms out there need to remember to stay alert and monitor all suspicious activity. If you can do this, you may very well avoid disaster.

Ahh, who am I kidding? You’re gonna get it bad, guys!

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