Pop The Cork On Your Something Blue!

Posted by Azure on October 30th, 2009
For your "something blue", the options are endless. Some brides choose a hot pair of blue heels. Some opt for a gorgeous bridal hair accessory with a sapphire or turquoise stone.

But what if your something blue could be enjoyed by all the guests at your wedding? I was contacted by the folks at Champagne Pommery, and they have a couple bubblies that taste great and are dressed in blue!

They sent me samples of their Champagne Pommery Brut Royal NV and Pommery POP Champagne, and since it was my birthday this week, it was the perfect time to pop the corks and give them a whirl. I'm a big champagne and sparkling wine drinker, so I'd say I have a somewhat discerning palate. Veuve Clicquot is one of my favorite, go-to champagnes, and the Pommery Brut Royal NV is definitely on par. And since it was introduced in 1874 as the world's first Brut style Champagne, kill two birds with one stone by serving this at your wedding- the Brut Royal NV can be your "something old" and your "something blue". All in all, I give this champagne two thumbs up!

The Pommery POP Champagne is perfect for the less traditional bride, in its mini cobalt blue bottle, complete with its own straw. Again, kill two birds with one stone- arrange these on a table at your wedding reception, one for each guest... and you've got your "something blue" and your guests' takeaway favors!
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