Chicago Spotlight: A City Full Of Fabulous Wedding Photo Ops!

Posted by Azure on November 11th, 2009
As we spotlight the city of Chicago this month, I got to thinking... Chicagoans are blessed to be surrounded by a city with such rich culture and history. We have the beautiful skyline, the Chicago Theatre, Museum Campus, Lake Michigan, Millennium Park, and the list goes on!

As a bride getting married in Chicago, there are endless opportunities for amazing wedding photo ops! So today, I thought I'd share a couple of these perfect spots for the bride & groom... Photo 1: In Millennium Park, Cloud Gate (dubbed "The Bean") and the Crown Fountain. Photo 2: Flamingo by Alexander Calder, in the courtyard of the Federal Center. Photo 3: Cloud Gate again, but this time, with the bride & groom on their wedding day. Photo 4: The Lake Michigan waterfront with Chicago's skyline in the background. Photo 5: On a bridge over the Chicago River in Chicago's Loop.

We know there are lots of great cities out there, so tell us ladies- what fantastic photo ops are there in your hometown?

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