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Posted by Azure on November 16th, 2009
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Before you start pulling out your swimsuit and sunscreen, I am not talking about swimming pools. I want to play around with the idea of bringing in a billiard table for an additional detail to keep your guests talking.

If you are looking to add some entertainment for your friends, consider adding a pool table to your reception. I am not suggesting to put this in the middle of your beautifully decorated room, but find a back corner where it won't be in the way for the non-dancers to mingle. Dancing is not for everyone, and if you want to keep your friends around for the party longer you might need to get creative with activities. While the women are out dancing the men can head to the pool table and take turns getting in on the game. You are not required to entertain everyone, but billiards is one of those games that everyone can enjoy in most any situation.

If you are still worried that adding a pool table to your wedding will take away from the overall atmosphere there are other ways to incorporate pool into your day. 1. Add the pool table to the room where the groomsmen will be getting ready. I know it may surprise you, but guys do not take as long to get ready as girls. For the 4 hours that girls spend primping, most of the time the groom and groomsmen are sitting around. Most grooms I work with say that they weren't nervous until they had to sit around the church for 4 hours and wait to walk down the aisle. A very easy way to get rid of the butterflies is to give the men something to keep them busy, and what is better for that than a pool table?! 2. If it is not in your wedding budget to bring in a pool table, have your groomsmen cake designed as one. This will take away from the entertainment factor but it will bring in the spirit of the game if your future hubby is a billiards player. 3. Finally, if you can't bring the pool to you - head to a pool hall for your bachelor party or have the groomsmen meet there for an after party to continue the celebration.

Not only will the table be used for entertainment but you can take some fun pictures together! The last photo, from Bumatay Studio, could be used as a save the date. I love how the wedding date was arranged with the pool balls.

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