Ensure Your Groom Looks As Fabulous As You On Your Wedding Day!

Posted by Azure on December 9th, 2009
Everyone knows that the focus of a wedding is you and how wonderful you look- whether at engagement parties, rehearsal dinners or The Big Day. But that doesn’t mean your groom and groomsmen shouldn’t look great as well. In fact, it’s probably best that they do; wedding party photos are cherished keepsakes.

With that in mind, Bonobos (known for their great fitting pants that flatter your man’s backside), wants to help with all of your groom’s wedding-related needs.

With the launch of the Bonobos Wedding Collection, there’s a new way for grooms to show off their personality and style with more than just colorful neckwear or a great looking pocket square.

The existing range of Bonobos pants (think country clubbing in the Hamptons) are fab options for engagement parties and rehearsal dinners. But now, Bonobos has extended the Wedding Collection to include custom pants, blazers, full suits and tuxes. All of the products feature Bonobos’signature fit and unique liners and come backed by best-in-class customer service. And, a little inside tip- If you style your wedding in Bonobos, they’ll make your groom a unique wedding present, perfectly tailored to your honeymoon locale…

So let your Groom have a little fun and show off his stylish side with the Bonobos Wedding Collection!

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