The Plunge: When the Groom Should Wake Up and When He Should Hit Snooze

Posted by Azure on January 14th, 2010
Most of the wedding info out here is written for brides, that’s because most brides do most of the planning. But, grooms need a little love, too. That’s why we’re thrilled that the guys of The Plunge have offered to give us regular info for your guy.

We’re keeping these gems in our Grooms Section of the advice page. About today’s article:

If you're like a lot of grooms, three things are probably true: 1) you recently got engaged; 2) you really have no idea what "wedding planning" involves; and 3) you have no desire to learn anything more about "wedding planning," and, in fact, you find those two words morally repugnant. We hear you. We've been there. (And we agree: those are two awful, awful words.) So here's what we'll help you do: pick your battles. Determine when to step up, and run to when away. Start with this overview of your new reality: Your Role in the Wedding: Wake Up or Hit Snooze? is a site for guys getting married... without all the usual horrors of wedding planning. Everything from buying the ring to the bachelor party to dealing with cold feet. Helpful Links More Info for and about Grooms Some of Our Favorite Guys The Groom's Role in Wedding Planning
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