Do Men Benefit More from Being Married?

Posted by Azure on January 19th, 2010
The Pew Research Center has a new study out and it has some surprising information about marriage.
This bride doll is wrapped in a twenty dollar bill to show the idea of a rich bride bringing money t

One of the reasons we have stereotypes about women chasing men to get married is because it used to be better economically for women to be married, but worse for men. Think about it this way, if you’re a single guy then marrying a woman who doesn’t work, or who makes a lot less money than you do, doubles your household size, but not your income. Remember, women used to have a lot harder time earning as much money as men. So, a married woman lived better than a single gal. But, a married guy had to support two people on one income.

But now, according to the Pew Research center, women are more likely to marry men who have lower education and income levels than they do. In 1970, only 4 percent of women earned more than their fiancés. In 2007, 22 percent of women earned more than their guys!

Plus, for people age 44 or younger, women are more likely to have college degrees than men, which means they have greater earning potential.

So, that means that now men may be the ones who benefit economically from getting married (We already know they benefit in other ways!)

What do you think? Now that the economics are slowly changing, will the stereotypes change, too? Will we start to see more men eager to get married and fewer women wanting to take on the economic responsibility?
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