The Man Registry: 5 Out Of The Ordinary Bachelor Party Ideas

Posted by Azure on February 10th, 2010
About The Man Registry

When it comes time for the Best Man to choose the Bachelor Party destination, the options have always been limited. Sure, strippers and booze can be fun... but not every groom is interested in the status quo. Some actually want to remember the night.

We sat down with our friends at FireFly Group Events and came up with our five favorite out-of-the-ordinary bachelor party ideas.

1.) Bumper Cars on Ice– I’ve always thought that bumper cars and ice should go together (sort of like peanut butter & jelly or Vegas & gambling). There are no speed limits for these bumper cars. The only rule is that there’s no crying after you get bumped out of your car.

2.) Indoor Skydiving - The thrill of skydiving... without the sky. Party guests will experience a free-fall in an indoor wind tunnel. Chances of plummeting to your death: minimal.

3.) Inflatable Rentals– Be honest, you’ve seen the giant sumo costumes before and thought it might be fun to get some friends together and have a battle royale. Well, here’s your chance. They also offer inflatable jousting matches.

4.) Stunt Driving– Think you’ve got what it takes to be a professional stunt driver? Prove it!

5.) The Man Registry’s Shark Attack– This is our personal favorite packages, because it’s named after us! If you can handle fear (and have insurance), you can actually cage dive with Great White Sharks off of Seal Beach near San Diego, CA.

----- disclosure: firefly group events is a sponsor of the man registry
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