The Man Registry: 5 Tips for Guys on Surviving a Bridal Show

Posted by Azure on February 17th, 2010
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Top tips for grooms: how to survive a bridal show

Congratulations on surviving engagement season, guys. We know that this was no easy task and that you’re probably ready for a break. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news: bridal show season is right around the corner.

This doesn’t have to spell disaster. Here are five tips for bridal show survival– straight from the wedding advice guys at The Man Registry. Set a Goal

Even if it’s just a single goal, make a point to accomplish something at the show. There are several groom duties that require extensive planning. Some logical places to start are researching venues for the rehearsal dinner or determining what style tux or suit you’ll want to wear. Dress comfortably

Bridal expos usually take place in crowded, stuffy ballrooms. Take this into consideration when planning your attire for the day. We recommend a short sleeve polo and jeans. If you wear a coat to the show, leave it in the car.

Oh and one more thing, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. The average bride/groom does over a mile of walking at a bridal show. Eat beforehand

Stop and grab some breakfast or lunch before heading to the show. The expo will probably have a snack stand set up, but you’re going to need more than a small bag of Doritos in your stomach to make it through the four hours of excitement that awaits. Don’t be Hung-over

Remember how much it sucked in college when you would get extremely drunk and then have to wake up for an 8AM chemistry class? Well, that’s nothing compared to getting bombed the night before a bridal show. Trust us on this, guys. Don’t do it.

* Note - we didn’t say not to drink at the bridal show. We’ve got a cell phone flask that’s perfect for covert boozing. Have fun

All joking aside, spending time with your bride-to-be, planning the biggest day of your life is never a bad thing. We think you’ll be surprised how enjoyable wedding planning can be if you choose to get involved.

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