The Plunge: The Five Mistakes Grooms Make

Posted by Azure on February 25th, 2010
Obviously we're pretty groom-centric this week. Our Savvy Steal this week is all about the guys, and on Monday we explored grooms as one of the top 2010 wedding trends.

So, if we have a few grooms reading this week, check out this advice from our friends at The Plunge and avoid the Top Five Mistakes that Grooms Make. Brides, you should read it too, keep your guy on track!

We always return the favor and try to give the groom's a look into what you're thinking. If you want to read our advice to them, check out the "bride" section of their blog for "Inside the Mind of the Bride." Helpful Links More Groom Advice and Inspiration Gifts for the Groom Top Five Mistakes Grooms Make
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