The Man Registry: Show Some Team Spirit on the Wedding Day

Posted by Azure on March 17th, 2010
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Once again, one of the greatest times of the year has arrived. March Madness is here and we pity any sports fan that was dumb enough to schedule his wedding on any of the next three weekends.

In fact, there are several other times of the year where weddings should be outlawed: Super Bowl Sunday, any weekend in October, during the Masters, etc. This got us to thinking, when is a safe time of the year for a sports fanatic to get married?

The sad truth for you grooms out there is that there really are no safe zones. Sports go on year-round and no matter when you get married, you’re going to miss something. So, unless you’re willing to cancel the wedding to watch a game - your best bet is to try and incorporate some team loyalty into your wedding. Here are some ways that you can get married (and still show your team spirit): Groom’s Cake

A team-themed groom’s cake has become a very popular choice among grooms recently. The groom’s cake is a secondary wedding cake that is dedicated to the man and often is designed with his interest’s in mind. See if your cake shop can make you a cake featuring the logo of your favorite squad. Color Themes

This option is best if you and your fiancé have a favorite team or went to the same school. Consider having the bridesmaid’s dresses or groom’s ties feature the color scheme of your team. Brides often get excited about incorporating their alumni colors into the wedding, so this shouldn’t be a hard sell, guys. Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Many stadiums, arenas, and sports venues offer banquet rooms that you can rent out for an evening. Just imagine how great it would be to hold your rehearsal dinner at Lambeau Field or Fenway Park. These rooms often book up fast, so start planning early!

Of course, if all else fails – just have some HD flat screens installed around the reception site! Surely, the bride won’t mind... Right?


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