The Man Registry: Planning A Couple’s Shower

Posted by Azure on April 7th, 2010
About The Man Registry Are you planning a couple’s shower?

We know most guys can’t wait to hear about all of the beautiful bath towels, linens and dishware that our fiancées will bring home from wedding showers. Although we admit these are useful items, there’s a reason that men aren’t usually invited to these types of showers.

But say those couple's gifts included a 24-volt cordless drill kit with 17 torque settings…now we’re talking. Think about all the modifications you could make to your new home, deck and bar area. The possibilities are endless, which is why it’s also important to have a wedding shower that includes the groom.

It’s becoming more common for engaged couples to have at least one shower that includes the groom. These showers are generally thrown as couple’s showers. The guest list typically includes other couples that are friends with the newlyweds-to-be. These types of showers tend to be more focused on home improvement, kitchen and bar tools, backyard activities, grilling accessories and honeymoons. Here are a few couples shower theme ideas – all created with the groom in mind. Home Improvement Shower:

Overview: Each guest/couple usually brings some type of gadget that can be used to remodel, update or repair things around the house, including tool sets, painting equipment and dry wall tools. Not that your place isn’t already perfect, but depending on who moves in with whom, we can guarantee that you’ll either want to repaint the pink walls or be asked to put your shot glass collection away in the home-built chest downstairs — permanently. Backyard, Lawn & Garden Shower:

Overview: Each guest/couple usually brings a gift that can be used for the yard, such as landscaping tools and equipment, hammocks, putting greens or tiki torches. There are so many odds and ends that will make you a regular at the hardware store, this is a good way to get started on your award-winning, back-breaking, greener-than-your-neighbor’s yard. Bar and Grill Shower:

Overview: Each guest/couple usually brings a gift that can be used for the bar and grill, including items to help stock the bar, grill accessories or maybe even a group gift of a new grill. This shower will put your new home in great shape for being able to host the next big shindig, whether it’s Monday Night Football or a casual afternoon BBQ. Honeymoon Shower:

Overview: Each guest/couple usually brings a gift that can be put toward or used on the honeymoon. Depending on your honeymoon destination, gifts might include excursions, snorkeling gear, hiking equipment, towels or travel guides. Weddings and honeymoons are expensive celebrations that can be limited by finances, but a Honeymoon Shower will help ease these pressures for the bride and groom. TMR Recommendation: We recommend going with a Home Improvement Shower. Tools tend to be gifts that last for a lifetime — regardless of whether you live in a house or an apartment. And remember to be creative. There’s no reason that a Home Improvement Shower can’t include BBQ and grill accessories (gifts that both the groom and the bride will be excited about). We want to hear what other couple’s shower themes or ideas OneWed readers have. Comment below.

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