The Man Registry: Keep Your Marriage Fresh with the Better Marriage Blanket

Posted by Azure on May 5th, 2010
About The Man Registry

Statistics say that finances are the topic that married couples argue about the most. As a married man, I have to disagree. Sure, my wife and I occasionally will have heated discussions about why I spent $80 on a Remote Control Cooler or why she insists on buying a new purse each time we go to the mall. However, the most common argument we have, by a mile, is about gas in the bedroom. Yes, that kind of gas.

Look, I’m a guy and I love eating greasy man-food – pizza, hot wings and burritos for example. The downside to enjoying this type of diet is, unfortunately, gas. I can live with a little flatulence, but my wife cannot... especially in the bedroom. So, you can imagine my overwhelming relief when I heard about the Better Marriage Blanket. Finally, a product that can help solve my bedroom issues (no, not those issues).

This blanket is constructed of Activated Carbon Fabric. This is the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons! In other words, you can fart under it with absolutely zero chance of the odor escaping. I know this is hard to fathom, so check out the video! Do you think this blanket would ensure a better marriage for you and your fiance??

While this product may bring a breath of fresh air to marriages across the world, I do see one potential use for it that could have the exact-opposite result: using it as a Dutch Oven.

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