The Plunge: Why Grooms Should Stay away from Bridal Showers

Posted by Azure on May 20th, 2010
Every other week or so we invite our fine friends from The Plunge to come over here and talk to your guys. We return the favor by visiting their site and giving them a little insight into what's going on inside the mind of the bride.
This blonde is opening a variety of bridal shower gifts in front of her friends and family.

This week, they give the guys a little cheat sheet on how to get out of going to your bridal shower. In the process, they create a new must-have pre-wedding event!

Why would they need this you ask? Well, some girls seem to think that having the groom show up at the bridal shower is "cute" or "fun."

Now, while I don't really agree with the guy's view of what happens at a bridal shower, I do have to say that I'm with them on their basic idea. Don't ask your guy to show up! Helpful Links Stay away from the Showers More Grooms Advice Advice for Great Bridal Showers
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