How Far Will Your Groom Go With His Perfect Proposal?

Posted by Azure on June 8th, 2010
About Bubbly Bride Grooms - How far will you go for your proposal? Or better yet, brides - How far do you want your man to go?

Some women dream of the words 'Will You Marry Me' being posted across a football stadium and their man kneeling on the 50 yard line with an engagement ring in hand, while other gals would be mortified at that act and want an intimate one-on-one proposal. The question is how much is too much, or can there be too much?

Do grooms feel as if they have to 'out do' one another or exceed an imaginary expectation they think their wife holds? I think this answer definitely varies by couple. Some couples talk about the engagement prior, and some men take the initiative and want to leave their bride completely surprised. I assume it must be difficult for grooms to watch millions of romantic flicks and hear stories from every direction about other couples' engagement stories and still try to be creative and unique in their own relationship.

The above engagement caught my eye due to the out of the box approach to asking a simple question. Whether you are dining together just the two of you, or in the middle of central park making a scene the question is always the same. The importance is making the moment yours and being able to tell your story! Helpful Links: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Sweet Proposal Stories
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