The Plunge: Top Five Things Women Should Know about Lap Dances

Posted by Azure on June 17th, 2010
Every other week or so we invite our friends from The Plunge over to talk to your grooms.
This retro style bachelor party looks pretty tame and groovy by today’s standards.

This week, the guys want to talk to you, they want to put your mind at ease about a common bachelor party ritual, the lap dance.

Now, fair warning, the guys at The Plunge are maybe a bit "saltier" in their language than we normally are. If you don't want to know what happens at strip clubs or what a lap dance is like, then don't read this article.

We also like to go visit the guys and give them a little insight into The Mind of the Bride.

What do you think ladies, is a lap dance a deal breaker for you? Helpful Links Top Five Things You Should Know about Lap Dances Bachelor Party Ideas Advice for Grooms
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