The Man Registry: Beware of Wedding Photos - They Last Forever

Posted by Azure on June 23rd, 2010
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We’ve all seen photos from our parents’ wedding and asked ourselves, “What the hell was Dad thinking with that haircut or facial hair?” Sadly, we don’t always realize at the time that pictures last forever. In today’s age of Facebook, Twitter and Internet sharing, we need to plan on our wedding photos being viewed by more people than we would probably like.

We also need to keep some dignity.

Take NFL star Jared Allen for example. This guy is known for two things in life: being an insanely gifted defensive end AND for sporting a mullet. As Allen puts it, “the mullet isn’t a haircut, it’s a lifestyle.” Well, when it came time for his wedding, Allen took the common sense route and shaved that puppy off. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but he recognized that in 30 years the “mullet lifestyle” may be ancient history.

I think that grooms can learn something from Allen. Whether it’s a mullet, soul patch or a fauxhawk, you should think long and hard about how you’re going to feel about that style down the road. Does your hubby-to-be have a unique "look" that he might want to let go of before the big day, for the sake of your wedding photos?
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